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Every rising, a tribe of wellness seekers, healers, teachers, motivators and entrepreneurs come together to cultivate peace and vitality, grow and learn new ways to thrive in their personal and business lives.

By joining us, you will get access to an hour growth session that includes:

1. 10 Minutes Mental Health Check in

2. 20 Minute Mindful Movement

3. 20 Minutes Personal development

4. 10 Minutes of Powerful Affirmations

After joining this gathering , you will have a more peaceful day where you are determined and motivated to achieve your goals and continue to heal, grow and curate your peace.

Go to http://Riseandprime.com to join us or scan the flyer!

After listening to this, you can try a Holistic Rising Routine curated by the Holistic Lifestyle Tribe called Rise and Prime for FREE every Monday and Friday at 7:00 AM EST.

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What is Ed Talks Daily?

The Ed Talks Daily podcast is about growth in all aspects of your life. How do you solidify a great mindset that will lead to a healthy body, healthy relationships, and an in-tune spirit? Join me on this journey to becoming the best version of ourselves. If you want a podcast that you can relate to, a podcast that will motivate and inspire you all while educating you on ways to personally develop and grow as a human being, Ed Talks Daily is for you.

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