Online Technologies to Enhance Student Learning: Possibilities & Perils, with Dan Krutka (University of North Texas)

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How can technology enhance students' engagement in classroom learning? When are technologies helpful, and when are they harmful?
In this episode, I talk to Dr. Dan Krutka, associate professor of social studies education at the University of North Texas. Dan's research sits at the intersection of technology, education, and democracy.
We discuss how teachers can decide which technologies would strengthen their teaching or whether technologies would even be helpful at all. We also discuss many specific online tools and how they can be useful for enhancing student engagement and learning.
In our conversation, Dan touches on a variety of other issues, as well, such as how to teach effectively in online learning environments when students are home during COVID lockdowns.
This month marks the first anniversary of Education for Sustainable Democracy. Thank you for your support over the past year!
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