Edufuturists #150 - The Future of Teaching with Guy Claxton

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We are delighted today to be joined by Professor Guy Claxton, Cognitive Scientist by training and writer of over 30 books on psychology and education, most recently a fascinating discussion on The Future of Teaching and the Myths that hold it back which John Hattie called ‘A timely tour de force’ and has a Foreword from Dylan William.

Many of you will have heard of Professor Claxton’s Learning Power Approach and will know that although he has officially retired, he is still Honorary Professor of Education at University of Bristol, Visiting Professor,at King's College London and Emeritus Professor, University of Winchester.

He has a 'double first' in Natural Sciences from Cambridge and a DPhil in Experimental Psychology from Oxford. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Royal Society of Arts. You can find out more about him and his work at

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