EM005: October 2006

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Manage episode 116473833 series 92603
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If you listen to and enjoy Electronica Monthly, then vote for us on the Podcast Alley website at http://www.podcastalley.com/podcast_details.php?pod_id=29186 EM005 (October 2006) tracklisting is as follows:- 00:09-02:52 Jonathan Badger / Beat On 02:52-06:20 Wired Ant / Winches on Edge 05:58-09:02 Ryo Sode / Valley's Fall 08:46-11:57 Population4 / Not that bad I guess 11:58-17:46 Scott Helm / Apathy 17:36-23:10 Das Kraftfuttermischwerk / Tischtennis Im Regen 23:11-25:35 w0b0t / Suicide Jazzmaster 25:28-31:01 Johann Johannsson / The suns gone dim, and the sky's turned black For further information on any of the shows and featured artists, please go to http://www.electronicamonthly.com Please send any demos to demos@electronicamonthly.com Any questions/feedback to feedback@electronicamonthly.com

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