Ep 51: Numbers don't lie: Trump Virus Spawns Anti-Asian American Hate

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After a long hiatus, Emil Amok's Takeout is back with a new show. And all because of the virus. The threat to Asian Americans isn't Covid-19. It's POTUS-45, Donald Trump. His insistence on calling the virus "The Chinese Virus," and now "The Wuhan Virus" is only causing a new wave of anti-Asian American violence from coast-to-coast. Nearly 700 cases have been reported to a website started by Asian American Studies Professor Russell Jeong of San Francisco State. At Stop-AAPI-Hate, individuals have come forward with almost 100 new reports daily; 61 percent of the victims non-Chinese Asians; Women three times more likely to report than men. Listen to Emil Guillermo's interview with Russell Jeong. And check out Emil's column on the website of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (http://www.aaldef.org/blog).

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