The Sowing Principle and The Steps Between Your Purpose & The Harvest with Author, Jason Alcott

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Every decision you make, no matter how insignificant, will reap a harvest. What kind of harvest should you expect? Jason Alcott helps us better understand the steps between your purpose and the harvest. We discuss his new book, "The Sowing Principle," and how we as men can live more intentionally in order to reap an eternally significant harvest.
Jason Alcott is a writer born and raised just outside of Vancouver, BC. He studied business at Trinity Western University graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration and currently works supporting a great operations team in the construction industry. He began writing his debut book, The Sowing Principle, after recognizing the role that sowing and reaping was playing in his life and the impact this understanding could have on others. When he is not writing, he can often be found with his wife trying to wrestle their toddlers into car seats to go and explore all the adventures waiting just outside their front door.

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