Radio Show #405: How Conscious Leadership is Essential in the Future of Work

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Special Guest: Natasha Wallace: Founder and Chief Consciousness Officer The world is changing and the leadership that people require is too. Project Bright Spot is a research project that has helped to shine a light on the type of leadership which will drive performance in this new era of work. Natasha Wallace, founder and Chief Consciousness Officer of Conscious Works, a coaching and consulting company specialising in workplace wellbeing, is going to be talking to us about the findings and providing guidance on what leaders can do to optimise performance and wellbeing in their team. She will share with us the seven key attributes of the leaders who achieve the best results with their teams, as well as explaining how trust and honesty are central to high performance. If you would like to discover more about a new paradigm in leadership to support our post-pandemic workplace, listening is a must. Join us as we discuss how conscious leadership is essential in the future of work Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Jo Moffatt

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