Radio Show 414: How to Successfully Lead and Engage Millennials in the Workplace

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Special Guest: Shane Pounder: Vice President of Operations and Marketing, Flipp By 2020, millennials formed 50% of the global workforce. Chances are you are working with or for a millennial right now. Millennials are a key part of the future success of any business and it’s important to understand how to lead and engage with this generation of employees. The next generation has a different set of workplace values and it pays to understand what the talented people of tomorrow want in order to be successful in the workplace. Millennials seek a company culture that values collaboration, innovation, and an investment in professional development and the employee experience, and you’re going to need to learn how to lead and engage this diverse group. Shane Pounder is the VP of Operations and Marketing at Flipp, a leading retail technology company that works with North America’s largest retailers and brands. He has spent the past five years scaling the team and processes that operate Flipp’s platforms with a mostly millennial workforce. Join us as we have an insightful conversation on how to motivate, lead and work with the fastest growing workforce in the world. Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Jo Moffatt

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