Radio Show #417: Why Redefine The Golden Rule

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Special Guest: Emily Golden: Author of The Golden Rule Emily Golden is a master certified coach who specializes in executive leadership and career coaching. She has seventeen years of corporate human resources experience in talent management and recruitment; practical experience from more than 2,500 hours of individual and group coaching; and a wealth of skills and knowledge pertaining to the human mind, spirit, and potential. Her clients range from seasoned executives to emerging leaders to career changers. Emily partners with highly-committed clients who utilize her support to close the gap between where they are currently, and where they truly want to be. Emily builds future leaders and teams who bring indispensable value, positive impact, and authentic connection to their professional and personal worlds. She is practiced in working with clients who come from a culture of performance and achievement, and assists them in reclaiming their time, energy, and relationships inside and outside of the workplace. Emily holds a strong container and ample space for her clients to arrive at moments that enable what was once impossible. As a businesswoman, coach, parent, and lifelong learner, Emily is uniquely qualified in supporting clients to get what they want and need. Her intuitive nature quickly identifies the roots of roadblocks, while her empathy shifts limiting viewpoints into transformative action, and spinning wheels into profound and lasting change. Emily’s clients value her honesty, her commitment to their visions, and her relentless drive to create a better future, resulting in increased authenticity, effectiveness, and satisfaction––today. Join us as we discuss the three-step process for total life improvement. Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Andy Goram

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