Radio Show #423: How Repositioning Wellbeing within Organisations is Redefining

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Special Guest: Alistair Aitchison: Co-Author of R’edefining the Wealth Generation Ecosystem’ Report Pre-pandemic, a focus on Wellbeing was a nice to have within most organisations, however, now it has become a strategic necessity. It has also become a significant factor upon which the Millennial generation are choosing where to apply their work, with a view to contributing to protecting the planet and the greater good of society. Two Engage for Success Thought and Action Groups (TAGs), Wellbeing and People Productivity, recently collaborated to create a thought leadership paper entitled “Redefining the Wealth Generation Ecosystem”. The paper makes the business case behind and suggestions for how organisations can improve people productivity as a means to achieving their profitability targets, protecting the planet and contributing towards the public purse. Three of the authors of the report: Fiona Anderson, David Evans and Alistair Aitchison will share the conclusions and recommendation of their report. Join us as we discuss how improved employee wellbeing is key to achieving better organisational outcomes. Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Jo Dodds

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