Radio Show #439: 8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results

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Special Guest: Jake Jacobs: President of Jake Jacobs Consulting Frustrated that change efforts you’re leading take too long, are too difficult, or are too often ineffective? Discover eight powerful ways to make any change work faster, easier, and better—whether done by C-suite leaders or frontline workers. Organizations suffer from change fatigue. People are impatient and exhausted. They feel like too many initiatives are imposed from above or outside. They don’t have time for more change and often don’t even see the point in it. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a systematic way to achieve your desired results in less time with fewer problems and more success? There is. It’s called Leverage Change. These problems and more are resolved by what change expert Jake Jacobs calls Levers: smart, strategic actions that create huge leverage and impact. Whether you have an existing change effort that could be turbocharged or you’re launching one that’s new, the Levers can help. Apply a Lever—even without a formal program—and your organization will experience positive changes. These powerful Levers, which can be used alone or in any combination that works for you, are straightforward and easy to apply. Drawing on thirty-five years of experience, Jacobs includes dozens of stories of the Levers in action with all kinds of organizations, teams, and individuals. He also provides specific directions on how you can apply them to your change work. Use the Levers, and improve your change work more than you ever imagined possible. Join us as we discuss eight powerful ways to make any change work faster, easier, and better. Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Jo Moffatt

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