Radio Show #441: Why Happiness is the Ultimate People KPI

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Special Guest: Nic Marks: Happiness Expert, TED Speaker and Founder of Friday Pulse Introducing *Nic Marks*, statistician, author, TED speaker and founder of Friday Pulse. Nic specializes in using the science of wellbeing to help individuals, businesses, and governments to track happiness. Nic is a unique statistician with an unusual specialty – happiness. He has been working to create measures of people’s quality of life for the past three decades, with an emphasis on their emotional experience and happiness. Nic trained as a statistician, studying Mathematics, Economics and Management Studies at Cambridge University, and then completing his MSc at the University of Lancaster. Since then, he has been on a mission to measure wellbeing and create lasting, positive change. Most companies are great at measuring and tracking financial KPIs. Some have good process orientated KPIs. But very few have good people KPIs. They tend to either be snapshots in time – like an annual engagement survey. Or what can be called “lagging indicators” that only measure what has happened – like staff turnover. How would it be if you knew how every team was feeling every week? Team happiness is the best people metric to track. It predicts retention, productivity and innovation. Learn more about organisations that have been tracking happiness through the pandemic and how they weathered the waves of Covid better than most in the UK. Join us as we discuss how team happiness predicts retention, productivity and innovation. Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Jo Dodds

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