Radio Show #446: Performance Management in 2022: Post Pandemic

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Special Guest: Roly Walter: Founder of Appraisd We now know how to survive the pandemic, the next part is about how to thrive with remote working and remote management. In this episode we talk to Roly about his vision for performance management and what it means today, post-pandemic and in a world that seems entirely employee-centric yet with a possible recession around the corner. Roly launched Appraisd in 2012 and it has gone on to serve hundreds of organisations and tens of thousands of employees around the world with its unique performance management system that places an emphasis on cultural personalisation. Every customer that’s ever gone through Appraisd’s virtual doors has gone through a customisation service that ensures the organisation’s success metrics are baked into the design of the performance management process. Appraisd is also unusual in the HR tech space in not having been funded by VC or PE money yet achieving impressive growth, thanks to this painstaking approach and customer loyalty. Join us as we discuss how to thrive, post-pandemic, with remote working and management. Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Jo Moffatt

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