EP129 | Fueling the American Dream with Brock Blake

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Fueling the American Dream with Brock BlakeFueling the American Dream with Brock Blake

Making a positive impact on small businesses day after day. Brock Blake joins us on this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to discuss his journey creating Lendio and the importance of leveraging media and technology. With Brock being a huge BYU and Utah Jazz fan we collide sports and entrepreneurship as we do at SportsEpreneur.

Brock is the Co-Founder and CEO of the company that helped 100,000 small businesses get 8 billion dollars in relief funding while saving 1.2 million jobs. This company is Lendio and their leader is our guest, Brock Blake.

Brock brings so much experience and wisdom to this episode. You’ll hear him talk about being intellectually honest and a significant down point in his career. And you’ll hear him drop an amazing Winston Churchill quote but not in some average way. This Winston Churchill quote was behind one of his biggest decisions he ever made at Lendio. And it had to do with the PPP, the Paycheck Protection Program

We are honored that the impactful leader, Brock Blake, joined us on this podcast titled, “Fueling the American Dream”.


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