S1:E5 - Revelations

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Entropy is an original Sci-Fi Audio Drama created by REDSKULL AUDIO.


Entropy contains depictions of graphic violence, mild language, sudden sounds and depictions of war. Listener discretion is advised.

As the crew of the Halberd X crash lands on the mysterious planet of SIGNA-33Z, the team will be scattered, hurting and will have to overcome any challenge they face from weather, to even living dangers...

Written & Directed by: David Ortiz
Score: Aaron Weatherford
Sound Design: Ashley Lawrence, Frankie Westmoreland, David Ortiz
Sound Editing: David Ortiz
Vocal Direction: David Ortiz


Jan Stone: Hannah Keefer
Tyler Wildensen: Kristopher Vowell
Adam Parker: Spencer Coles
Rebecca Cunningham: Melissa Keller
Quinton Jones: Joshua Medlock
Alexander Caldwell: Ashley Lawrence
Adrian Smith: David Ortiz
Kev/Delta Four: Connor Folsom
Sarah/Delta Two: Red Aller

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