April O'neil Microseries with the Channel 6 Chick!

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April O'neil has been the Turtles biggest fan and supporter sins issue # 2 of the Mirage Series back in the 1980's.

She was the center character for the TMNT film and the Human perspective character for most of the Cartoons.

On this April-centric Episode I am joined by the Channel 6 Chick and Super TMNT fan Lydie Watters! @Channel6chick on Instagram.

Join us as we cover the IDW Best of TMNT April O'neil special.

This covers The Mirage TMNT issue #2, the April O,neil Microseries issue #3 and Finally TMNT issue # 118.

From Rock soldiers, to Mousers to Mutant Eels April has handled a lot with the Turtles.

A Berry Special Pizza time!

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