ON BILLIONAIRES AND FOSSIL FUELS - With Nafkote Dabi, Harjeet Singh, and Teun Ott after COP

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In this episode, Nafkote Dabi, Harjeet Singh, and extinction rebellion activist Teun Ott join Max and Nadia to talk about billionaires, inequality, and climate breakdown.

Nafkote and Harjeet joined us directly from the COP last week. Nafkote, Climate Lead at Oxfam describes how billionaires contribute to carbon emissions not only through their lifestyles but also through their investments. Harjeet, Head of Global political strategy at Climate Action Network tells us about Loss and Damage and the capture of the COP by corporates and billionaires. Teun, a young climate activist from Extinction Rebellion tells us about the occupation he took part in blocking the private planes of the super-rich at Schipol airport in the Netherlands.

The latest in our EQUALS season on the climate crisis and carbon billionaires. Do tune in!

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