Fear of war in Bosnia as election looms

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An election in Bosnia is set to take place on October 2, as fear and uncertainty grip the country.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only bolstered fears that Russia might try to use its good relations with Republika Srpska to prompt another conflict with Bosnian Muslims - to hit back at NATO.

In this episode:

  • Dr. Adnan Huskic, CSS Professor of International Relations and Politics at University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

Episode credits:

This episode was produced by Khaled Soltan. Our host is Sami Zeidan. Our research was done by intern Nada Shakir. George Alwer is the sound designer. Aya Elmileik is the lead engagement producer and Munera AlDosari is the assistant engagement producer. Omar al-Saleh is the executive producer.

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