Driving for dollars, probate marketing, and probate data sources

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In this episode, Magnum Opus Project announces new course offerings, and Bill and David dive right in to probate real estate Q&A. David introduces his dealmachine driving for dollars strategy and shares his trick for marketing to leads cheap. Bill, David, and Stephen discuss probate marketing frequency, probate mailers vs. cold calling, and how to be more effective with text message marketing for probate leads. Bill offers great insight on how to find accurate probate leads and find a probate list provider that best suits your real estate business.
Full show notes: https://probatemastery.com/ep73-driving-for-dollars-marketing-frequency-and-probate-data-sources
Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/tAawquN1wgA
Episode Segments (Timestamps link to YouTube)
0:00 New course for networking with estate planning attorneys (Real Estate Courses)
5:41 Building a distressed property list with DealMachine (Driving for Dollars)
13:40 The truth about mailing and calling probate leads (Probate Marketing Plan)
20:04 Probate data sources: Where to get probate lead lists online (Probate Leads)
23:39 Probate attorneys and JV partners in South Florida (Investor Networking)
31:43 Probate lead companies compared: How accurate is the data? (Probate Leads)
33:40 Texting probate real estate leads (Probate Marketing Ideas)
36:51 Paul Horn probate training and data (Probate Leads)
39:22 Resources and books for learning your local probate process (Book Recommendation)

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