Kingdom Concepts 5 - The Mustard Seed and the Leaven

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Matthew 13:31-35 Big Idea: There is nothing that can stop the eternal power of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom’s COMING and GROWING has almost nothing to do with us. “Therefore, for every second of the time the world has been a world, it has also been the kingdom. Its progress through history is not a transition from non-kingdom to kingdom; rather, it is a progress from kingdom-in-a-mystery to kingdom-made-manifest.” - Robert Farrar Capon The Kingdom didn’t just appear with Jesus. Jesus REVEALED the mystery of the Kingdom! God’s Kingdom is ruled by Jesus Christ and grows by His Word and The Holy Spirit. Colossians 2:9-10 “All we need to do, and all we can do, is simply trust that the leaven is, was, and always will be entirely mixed into the lump of our existence — and that it will infallibly lighten every last one of us. The job is already, if mysteriously, done: by the power of the Word who breathed out his life for us on the cross — by the might of him who, in the glory of his resurrection, forever whispers our reconciled names into his Father’s ear — we are as good as baked to perfection right now.” - Robert Farrar Capon RESPONSE: 1. Trust Jesus as THE SOWER and THE BAKER. 2. Let go of CONTROL. 3. BE LED by The Holy Spirit.

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