EAP-098 How Medicinal Mushrooms Help Immune Function, Mason Bresett, ND

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How Medicinal Mushrooms Help Immune Function?

I’m Dr. Mason Bresett Chief Science Advisor and Naturopathic Doctor from Real Mushrooms in British Columbia, Canada. I’m here today to answer the common question I hear about how mushrooms help the immune system?

Firstly, mushrooms have been used as medicine for thousands of years and our understanding of them has grown exponentially with modern research and paired with traditional knowledge.

Mushrooms have the unique ability to inform our immune system to increase our defence system. Mushrooms have this impact due to their nutritional components, complex sugars called beta-d-glucans and their adaptogenic actions.

These immune supporting compounds can even be found in your local market mushrooms, in the produce aisle.

Mushrooms can help your immune system by fortifying how the 2 parts of our immune system

The first is called the innate immune system. It is our immune systems first response to an invader like a cold virus sort of like first responders, who ever can get there goes.. It is non specific - meaning your immune system sends broad acting immune cells to help neutralize the threat. Mushrooms help up regulate the hard working immune cells working behind the scene here.

2) The second place mushrooms help the immune system is The adaptive immune system. This part of your immune system creates specific immune cells to help defeat or neutralize the cold virus. This system also creates memory to help the system respond better the next time a similar microbe is encountered.

3) Mushrooms are also known as adaptogens, which means they can help the body to develop more resilience to stress, stress has a detrimental effect on the immune system. The adaptogenic properties of mushrooms help fortify the immune system. Mushrooms are also supportive of gut health, the majority of our immune system, resides in our gut.

This is why mushrooms have been increasing in popularity to help with immune prevention. Mushrooms paired with acupuncture is a great way to increase your immune system.

Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists are trained in nutrition and herbal based formulas which often include medicinal mushrooms. Please visit your local acupuncturist who can tell you more and help you with your immune system.

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