Men's health and Chinese medicine- Treating prostate enlargement and cancer• Jason Miller • EAP069

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Most men will have some issues with their prostate as they age. And the vast majority of men will die with some form of prostate cancer, but most will not die from it as most prostate cancers are slow. Figuring out which kind a person has and how to treat it is one of the emerging questions in men's health. Especially as the negative sides effects of treatment can have a big impact on quality of life.

Increasingly there is a question as to whether or not the slow forms of prostate cancer are a cancer, as the the tissues abnormalities respond quite well to diet, exercise, botanical medicine and other life style habits.

Chinese medicine along with the above mentioned can be quite helpful for the issues that arise from prostate enlargement and tissue changes.

Listen in and learn how natural medicine and lifestyle can help men as they face this change that accompanies aging. And why testosterone supplementation does not always result in higher levels of this hormone and how higher levels of testosterone are essential to good prostate health.

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