John Worley – Diamond Nationals – Ep72

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John Worley is a native of Ft Worth Texas who has been studying martial arts for over 50 years.
Earning his First degree black belt in 1969 under a panel of masters that included Chuck Norris.
He opened his first martial arts school in Minnesota in 1973. He is the founder of National Karate
He has been a commentator on ESPN, is an Owner and Operator of JLB Promotions, which produces
The Diamond Nationals Karate Championships and more.

Please enjoy his story.

***About the picture – John and his wife of 55 years, Patty. John says “Patty has been fearless throughout our lives and adventures together. Without her, I would have never been able to accomplish anything.”

John Worley – National Karate

Diamond Nationals

National Karate | Academy of Martial Arts

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