Episode 5: Embiggen Your Awareness

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In this episode, Rachel and Jeff tackle the big issues, including being a director, bawdiness, and the Big Hurt story.

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Drill down into the details!

mail truck issues


ice cream


Hollywood in the 70s

quitting pots

missing the little things

roaches all over

letting things go

being replaceable

migraines and weed

the high of chocolate

cumin, alder smoke salt, cardamom, and rose syrup

living with the body we got

unavailable women

giving things up

healthy in-laws

raising your kundalini

Tao Te Ching

doing it until you're sick of it

Newport, Rhode Island


musing one's senses

embiggening your awareness

Agit Mukerjee

grooving in the public library

seizures and speaking in tongues (glossolalia)

the color blue

Multnomah Falls

crowds freaking us out

anecdotal evidence

Jeff's Big Hurt story (call me, girl!)

Delta tamping down dating

setting down activism

Facebook scammers

working on the encyclopedia

leaning into the bawdy

sci-fi space travel

spaceships full of people

internet like a city-sized ship

traveling or staying home

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

Ted Lasso on Apple TV

stick some cake in your cup

Frank Zappa doc on Hulu

the joy of being a director

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