259 How Shoonya Makes Cultural Learning For Kids Fun and Easy

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Shoonya, is an edutainment & edtech start-up based out of Santa Barbara. Shoonya's mission is to create the next generation of global citizens by exposing children to cultural diversity and world languages. They create uniquely designed content that is engaging, entertaining and interactive for young children.

Their recent launch is the iOS app "Shoonya Farm Animals"​ an iOS app designed and tested in the classroom and endorsed by teachers and parents.

This app is the first in the series of apps that will be created to spark a child's creativity with interactive play, develop fine motor skills and instill a love for cultural diversity.

“Shoonya Farm Animals” for children, ages 0-8 helps them learn farm animal names, simple sentences, landscapes, basic clothing in 9 languages; English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu and Punjabi. Their aim is to expand their apps in various more languages.

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