George Wiseman – Why You Should Start Consuming Hydrogen!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: SUPPLEMENTS TO HELP REPAIR MITOCHONDRIA TO REDUCE OXIDATION & MAKE ATP Vitamin E - PUFA Protect - Eliminating a lifetime of a high PUFA diet Dissolve-It-All - breaking down scar tissue, inflammation and calcification Purely K - Reduce Calcification NAD Power - Allow Your Mitochondria To Create Energy! Probiotic Endotoxin Reducer - Lower Endotoxins! Oyster Extract - Bioavailable Copper, Selenium & Zinc Resilien-C - Whole Food Vitamin C Panacea - Pure Shilijit 84 Minerals + Chelate Iron Digest-it-All - Better assimilate & absorb your food Use discount code EHR15 :) Today we had George Wiseman on the show to discuss hydrogen and what it can do once inside the human body. Did you know that hydrogen is an anitoxident? Oxidative stress is the cause of all disease! Rust. Iron in our bodies prevents the utilization of oxygen. As a result we have inflammation and oxidation inside all of our 100 trillion blood cells. Imagine putting a choke hold on every one of your 30 trillion red blood cells? They're all choked off from using oxygen as a result of too much iron and too little bioavailable copper to regulate all that iron. As a result we have massive amounts of oxidation and inflammation happening inside our bodies at any given time! When your cells are oxidized it appears as though they become what's called "electron deficient". Because nature abhors imbalance, these electron starved cells go throughout your body pulling electrons for healthy cells. This process eventually cascades through all of your cells. Hydrogen which is 700x smaller than CoQ10 and 400x smaller than vitamin C will donate spare electrons to your cells. How cool is that? This reduces rust aka oxidation and inflammation all the way down to your mitochondria and DNA. Hydrogen is nature's healer! This was a fun show with Mr. George Wiseman. We also talked about the 4th phase of water or "electrically expanded water" along with the difference between hydrogen and Brown's gas. What a great show this was. I hope you enjoyed it! On Last Thing! As always your support via your donations and bookmarking our Amazon link to use each time you purchase is how we keep our show going. Thank you for bookmarking our Amazon link even if you're not buying anything right now! :) Thank you all! Sponsor For This Episode: Extreme Health Academy Use code EHR14 for a free 2 week trial! Relax FAR Infrared Sauna Joovv Red Light Therapy Colostrum Bellicon Rebounders Featured Products For This Episode: Qigong Course AquaCure® Model AC50 BARF World Raw Dog Food Rapid Release Technology Pro 2 Stockton Aloe One Blue Blockers The Biomat Chemical Free Organic Skincare! Activation Products - Ocean's Alive & Magnesium Show Guest: George Wiseman Guest Info: George Wiseman is a self-funded inventor who has influenced, shaped and guided entire genres. He has been providing proven customer satisfaction since 1984. Mr. Wiseman has been hailed as one of the top Worldwide experts concerning Brown’s Gas - AKA: BG, HydrOxy, or HHO. Mr. Wiseman is a pioneer in developing and promoting the World’s most practical and safe HydrOxy Gas for “Health Application”. In 1996, Mr. Wiseman’s ‘Fuel Saver’and ‘WaterTorch’ customers began telling him how they were using HydrOxy to heal themselves. Extensive tests were subsequently run on plants, animals, birds and fish; all with amazing results. Eventually 'they', (his customers), convinced him to optimize his electrolyzer design so people could safely use the HydrOxy Gas to heal themselves of almost any ailment. Mr. Wiseman has sold thousands of his electrolyzers worldwide. The first experimental ‘for health’ electrolyzers are the ER50, which have been available since 2007. The recently upgraded version of Mr. Wiseman’s ‘Health Optimized’ electrolyzer, known as the AquaCure, has been on the market since July of 2017.

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