African Mango Weight Loss Reviews (With the Doctor!)

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This week's feature product is African Mango. You can find some at
Dave talks about how you can use it in conjunction with HCG EZ Drops during maintenance phase, as well as how to "cycle" african mango with raspberry ketone and green coffee bean in order to take advantage of these natural weight loss supplements and to really capitalize on the weight loss you can achieve by not staying with one supplement for too long.
Benefits of African Mango as explained by Dr. Kepo'o:
-weight loss
-metabolism boost
-blood sugar regulation
-safe (no addiction issues, long period of time without negative effects on body)
-balance glucose levels in the body
-regulate cholesterol levels (lowers bad, raises good)
-appetite suppression
-help balance digestion
-high soluble fiber
African Mango helps balance blood sugar levels. Blood sugar balance is huge with weight loss:
-causes havoc to hunger centers
-makes you want to eat more food
-makes you want to eat certain types of food
-once blood sugar is balanced, your brain can take a break and you can make smarter decisions in other things like:
-what to eat
-how you sleep
-how well you sleep (you'll even SLEEP BETTER while taking african mango!)
-how you exercise (making you WANT TO EXERCISE!)
Though, you don't necessarily need to exercise to lose weight with african mango! You can actually take it and not even change your diet and exercise. But it's amazing because you'll WANT to change those things if you're taking it!

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