10 Pentecost

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Each week, we provide questions based on the sermon. These questions are to encourage you to connect the scriptures to your own life and to invite you to grow deeper in your relationships with others at Faith by discussing the questions together. Readings: HEBREWS 11:29--12:2, LUKE 12:49-56 Sermon: When it feels like our only choices are to either submit to those who oppose us or destroy them, God provides something better: transformative testimony to Christ's love. Questions: 1) When have you given up on an issue or principle that mattered deeply to you simply because it was easier to give in? When have you destroyed a relationship that mattered deeply to you because of an issue or principle that mattered deeply to you? 2) Who is someone with whom you have a close relationship but with whom you disagree on deeply held beliefs? What holds your relationship together? 3 When has someone changed your perspective about an issue? How did they do it?

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