El Chupacabra, Jake the Alligator Man, & Phyllis

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Both Stacie AND El Chupacabra appeared on the scene in 1995. Coincidence? She is suspiciously knowledgeable about this particular cryptid... Rachel knew next to nothing about the Pacific Northwest's beloved Jake the Alligator Man but after some sleuthing was able to piece together a 1000% credible origin story.
Music Notes
Waltz with an Elf by Lobo Loco
Allright in Louisiana by Lobo Loco
Wade in the Water by Dee Yan-Key
Works Consulted
The Truth About a Strange Blood Sucking Monster
ABC News Story
Science -vs- Myth

The Lost Sights and Sounds of Storyville, New Orleans’s Red Light District
The Columbian Newspaper
The Historic New Orleans Collection (This website is amazing!)
Two Barmaids, Five Alligators, and the Butcher of Elmendorf
San Antonio’s Drag Culture of the 1930s and 40s
A brief history of the Pansy Craze

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