XOXO, Illuminati

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Stacie gives a brief biography of Johann Adam Weishaupt, whose search for perfection led to the creation of the Illuminati. She then dives into key symbols and rites, plus the big shake-up that ultimately resulted in the disbanding of the secret society. (Because everyone knows the Illuminati no longer exists. Right?) Rachel illuminates the puppet strings Weishaupt pulled in order to carry out the French Revolution.
Beyonce, call us.
Music Notes:
Fake Believe by Rachel Stuck
Fishing by Crowander
Hard Day by Alex Mason
Works Consulted:






British Conservatism, the Illuminati, and the Conspiracy Theory of the French Revolution, 1797-1802 by Michael Taylor

The Illuminati: The Secret Society that Hijacked the World by Jim Mars

Secret Societies and the French Revolution by Una Birch

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