60 Minutes To Midnight Episode 1 - A Quiet Place 2, Castlevania, Loki and Serial Killers

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Hello and welcome to 60 Minutes To Midnight, a podcast featuring Len, John and Gaz. Join the Minutemen as they review what they've been watching and what they are looking forward to watching, whilst drinking excellent whiskies...well mostly excellent whiskies. On this weeks show find out which serial killer Gaz is a dead ringer for, what Len thought of his first post Covid cinema experience and what all the lads reckon about Netflix's vampire smash hit, Castlevania. Listen to how they have high hopes for Disney's Loki premiering next week and why Tom Cruise doesn't get the respect he deserves...If you do enjoy this episode please do subscribe, if you want to sponsor us further and see what Whiskies we recommend join our Patreon community at www.patreon,com/fancritical P.S you can see Gaz's serial killer likeness on there! Thank you everyone for your support, enjoy!

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