Week 3 Rapid Reaction & Fantasy Takeaways (Ep. 759)

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Dan and Pat react to Week 3's NFL action and recap each Sunday afternoon game.


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Trust or Bust - 0:02:43 I Am Confused by Your Opinion, Sir - 0:07:11 LAC vs. KC - 0:10:03 ARI vs. JAC - 0:13:14 CHI vs. CLE - 0:21:08 WAS vs. BUF - 0:25:52 IND vs. TEN - 0:30:39 NO vs. NE - 0:34:14 ATL vs. NYG - 0:38:51 CIN vs. PIT - 0:44:25 BAL vs. DET - 0:49:41 NYJ vs. DEN - 0:54:44 MIA vs. LV - 0:57:59 TB vs. LAR - 1:03:41 SEA vs. MIN - 1:08:09

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