Big Girl by Kelsey Miller with Chelsea Levy

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I had Big Girl by Kelsey Miller on my TBR pile for a really long time. I even sent out a note a few years (yes YEARS!) ago on social media looking for someone to read it with me, but I didn't get any takers so when Chelsea Levy mentioned this book as being a really important part of her journey to body liberation during an IG live a few months ago, I had to invite her on to discuss it with me and boy am I glad I did! This book is so good. I don't think there is a better memoir that covers intuitive eating out there (correct me if you have another title). Hear all about it in my discussion available for download tomorrow. Here are some of the topics Chelsea and I cover:

  • Chelsea's journey with intuitive eating and body liberation
  • Being on an intuitive eating journey while pursuing a dietetics certification
  • Why Big Girl was important to Chelsea's journey and how Kelsey Miller's experience overlaps with Chelsea's life
  • Defining intuitive eating
  • What parts of intuitive eating is Chelsea working on now?
  • The difference in the way that Kelsey approached food versus exercise
  • A discussion around "reasonable" dieting
  • The similarities between new diet and new love
  • Does our body size have meaning?
  • Mindfulness as a tool for distraction
  • The ending that wasn't really an ending
  • What this book was missing (please write another book Kelsey!!!!)

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