Decolonizing Wellness by Dalia Kinsey with Dalia Kinsey

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TRIGGER WARNING: This episode is a really heavy discussion about discrimination and racism. Please take your self-care into account and skip this episode if necessary. I promise I won't be offended.
If you've been a long time listener you know I don't have authors on the show (or at least it is really rare), but I've made a big exception in this case because of the topic matter. Dalia Kinsey's book is written specifically for the QTBIPOC community. It discusses the marginalization and discrimination that QTBIPOC people face in wellness spaces. While I am cis-gendered and white, I realize that this is an important topic and one that deserves a spotlight. I brought Dalia on because we need to be hearing these voices.
You may also recognize Dalia's name. Dalia Kinsey has been on the show before. We discussed Body Respect by Lindo Bacon and Lucy Aphramor. In that discussion, Dalia talked about writing a book and Decolonizing Wellness is the full circle to that discussion! I was sent a digital copy of the book and it is truly spectacular. Here are a few of the things we discussed:

  • The full circle moment
  • Why this book is important
  • Writing about trauma
  • You can't buy your way out of racism
  • Racism is everywhere
  • QTBIPOC stress and why it is harmful
  • The problem with Gone with the Wind
  • Centering yourself and honouring your emotions
  • What decolonizing wellness means
  • The importance of helping people answer, "but how?" when it comes to self-love
  • Positive thinking has its limits
  • What transformation does this book support?
  • What allies can get out of this book

Keep reading everyone!

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