Fierce Fattie by Vinny Welsby with Chavonne McClay

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TRIGGER WARNINGS: Abuse, O-word, biohacking and my disordered body building behaviours, derogatory use of the word, "fat"
This week on the podcast I have a chat with my friend Chavonne about Vinny Welsby's book, Fierce Fattie. I did something I rarely do and just had a chat with my friend, no discussion questions, no intense preparation, just a good old-fashion chin wag! We laughed, we got reflective and hopefully we provided you with things to think about.
In this conversation I chat with Chavonne about:

  • Chavonne's new podcast adventure
  • Initial overall thoughts about the book
  • What we liked about the book
  • The value of The Life Audit
  • Cake and why we're hungry now
  • The connection between the TedX talk and the book
  • How watching commercials can wreck havoc on our body liberation journeys
  • Brain trenches
  • The subtlety of diet culture
  • The humour in the darkness
  • Life lessons that impact our body liberation work
  • What we will take away from this book
  • Reading this book through a lens of current events
  • Who we recommend this book to
  • Body or food grief

Keep reading everyone!

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