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TRIGGER WARNINGS GALORE: Abuse, disordered eating behaviours, food scarcity, we name a diet
This week on the podcast I have the first of two episodes on Vinny Welsby's book Fierce Fattie. This week I'm chatting with Vinny and next week I'll be chatting with my friend Chavonne about Vinny's book. You get a month of Fierce Fattie - ness!!!!
In this conversation I chat with Vinny about:

  • I'm thinking about changing my name
  • Why dogs are the best and Doogle's schedule
  • Who is Vinny Welsby and how did they become so fabulous?
  • Getting over the idea that fat is bad
  • Vinny's Ted Talk and how that turned into the book
  • How our social media impacts our self-esteem and confidence
  • The wild moment when things looked "off" to Vinny with the models on an online shopping site
  • How Vinny's history of food scarcity and abuse factored into their relationship with food
  • How they eventually got off the diet rollercoaster
  • How The Life Audit can help you Marie Kondo your body love journey
  • What does Vinny want you to feel after reading their book?
  • What has happened since Vinny wrote the book?
  • Canadian fatphobia versus UK fatphobia

Keep reading everyone!

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