Mary Inman on the Current State of Whistleblowing

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In this episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, I am joined by Mary Inman, partner at Constatine Cannon. We look at recent developments in whistleblowing and how the Ukraine War has increased the visibility of whistleblowers. Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. Whistleblower Reward Program at the US Treasury Department/FinCEN – what is its relevance to corruption, anti-money laundering and the Ukraine conflict.
  2. The House Committee on Financial Services voted to strengthen the U.S. Treasury’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) whistleblower program. What does this mean for this nascent program?
  3. How does a minimum whistleblower reward threshold, whistleblower incentives and injects more certainty into the Anti-Money Laundering whistleblower program.
  4. How has expanding AML whistleblower rewards to cover laws applicable to Russian sanctions, Congress enlisted the help of the private citizenry.
  5. Lisa Monaco recently spoke about the government relying on corporations to ID instances of money-laundering and other activities to help enforcement Russia economic sanctions and broader trade sanctions. Are private citizen or other whistleblowers as a key component of this fight?
  6. How has the Ukraine War raised the profile of whistleblowers and whistleblowing?
  7. Starting with SOX, then Dodd-Frank and the AML Law of 2020 has the US government began to understand whistleblowers as a key component in the fight against fraud, waste and abuse.
  8. Has the government embraced these same strategies and tactics in the wider fight against corruption?
  9. Tribute to Chuck Grassley for his advocacy of whistleblowers.


Mary Inman on Constantine Cannon website

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