Ep 75 | Whitlock Calls Out ESPN’s Jalen Rose | Kyrie Irving Sparks Conversation About Manhood

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Reacting to Jalen Rose’s personal video challenge, Jason reframes the left-wing narrative about media and manhood. Were the former NBA player’s words warranted after what Jason said about Rose’s wife, ESPN’s Molly Qerim Rose? What in Rose’s words demonstrates the colossal decline of American manhood? How did Kyrie Irving spark a true conversation about our society in a way Colin Kaepernick never could? Whitlock also examines the comments by Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal about Kyrie. Why did Jason’s epic hourlong monologue nearly bring him to tears? “Cut the Bull” host Shemeka Michelle gives a feminine perspective to a uniquely masculine discussion. Plus, on “Tennessee Harmony,” Jason and the pastors discuss gender and race issues being used as political idols by certain Christian churches.

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