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Farwell to queer musician Ari Gold, New York night life personality, star in Starbooty and child singer in the My Buddy doll commercial that later became the inspiration for Chucky in the horror film Child’s Play. He died on February 12, 2021.
This podcast was originally posted on 01.31.08
All systems are go! Pop musician Ari Gold joins us on todays show to “drop” his new album Transport Systems, a futuristic military themed album featuring some catchy riffs and sharp vocals set to a energetic beat and live instrumentation. It’s hot, YO! Or is that OY?
Growing up in a Orthodox Jewish family in the Bronx, Ari Gold was discovered at the age of 5 by a record producer singing at his brother’s bar-mitzvah.
Ari Gold’s childhood singing experience reads like entries from some 1980s kitsch bloggers website- with over 400 colorful gigs including singing on the album Pot Belly Bear: Sons and Stories, the Cabbage Patch Kids Album, the Jem and the Holograms TV show and singing with Diana Ross on her Swept Away album.
But my all-time favorite childhood gig was him singing the song to the “My Buddy” doll commercial, a doll that was marketed to little boys everywhere. I remember thinking when I saw this on TV as a kid, “how gay is that?” Okay, I really wanted one.
I just love Ari Gold even more, knowing that this is his young voice in the commerical, don’t you? I would love it if he put out a techno version of the song. Do it for me Ari!
Musician Ari Gold on the Feast of Fools!Today Ari Gold is a self proclaimed super-fabulous “homofessional gaylebrity” who proudly embraces his gay experience in his music and in his carreer. Be sure to check him out at many summer music street fairs all around the country, at a time when street fairs in gay neighborhoods are shying away from openly gay talent. Seriously, Ari is a golden star.
Listen as we talk with Ari about the costs and benefits of being out loud and proud, finding fulfillment in your creative work, what he thinks about his cracked-out celebrity friends, his military fetish and getting smacked down in RuPaul’s 2007 remake of Starrbooty.
In the hilarious and raunchy re-make of the original 1987 film Starrbooty, Ari plays a trashy Jewish pimp who hires and undercover RuPaul to work the streets for him. We highly recommend getting the movie on DVD and watching over and over again the hilarious scene where RuPaul kicks the shit out of Ari Gold. It’s a film that would make Russ Meyers blush and John Waters proud.

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