Episode 64:Kappas Love Cucumbers (and butt stuff)

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News: The Fiber Coven will be hosting Lauren’s There And Back Again KAL for all of 2022, see the public blog post on our Patreon for all the details!


Lauren - Forest Fruit socks, pattern by Sachiko B, knit in Nox Yarn Co. Faunus Base, Harbinger colorway https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/forest-fruit

- Faded hat experiment #2 in the Power of the Full Moon Colorways

Emily - the secret design


Emily - vanilla socks in Regia, blues and greys, colorway 02885

- darning socks!

Lauren - Shusui shrug in All You Knit Is Love, Battlo Facade colorway and a handspun gradient in Organic Polworth


Emily - The Disney Villains tarot deck!

Occult Corner: We chat about the folklore of the amphibious Japanese creature: the Kappa

Self Promotion: Lauren will be kicking off the There And Back Again KAL by having an update on Sunday 1/2 at 9 am pst with lots of hobbity self striping yarns! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ValkyrieFibersTahoe

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