EP.09 - Crossing Over Seas featuring Rachel Dancel

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Welcome back to Filipino Fridays – This episode digs deep on what it takes to make the move and move abroad. As seen on Candy Magazine and Femalenetwork.com in the Philippines, Youtube and TikTok superstar Rachel Dancel joins us to talk about the steps she took in fulfilling her dream of immigrating to Canada. Since arriving to Vancouver in 2017, Rachel completed her studies in Communication Design and now dedicates her time in sharing about her immigration journey through her Youtube channel. From covering a range of immigration related topics along with talking about the process of what it takes to study abroad, to landing a job and eventually pursuing citizenship status by applying for permanent residency under Canada’s Express Entry program. Rachel believes that information is power and aims to empower others by sharing data-driven facts and experience to aspiring applicants that want to study, work or live in Canada. You can find Rachel in Youtube, TikTok and Instagram at @rrdancel

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