EP.13 - Frustrated and Fed Up: Can Filipinos Get Along?

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We're back with an eye-opening episode digging deep on what keeps Filipinos divided. Whether its a difference in mindset, attitudes, language barrier and experience, we ask the question - Can Filipinos Get Along? We tackle the honest conversation on if Filipinos can truly be happy for each other. We discuss the different factors that get in the way of the Filipino community from thriving and how to navigate conversations with fellow Filipinos in order to close that gap. We talk about how to eliminate the "Us vs Them" mentality regarding Filipinos from the Philippines and Filipinos in the Diaspora and how we can take examples from other cultures in order to see the Filipino community prosper. We share how to deal with conflict and clear misunderstanding between Filipinos using a real world example in Archia's case. (let's call it the Archia Special) We also talk about the concept of "Hiya" or "Shame" and how it provides perspective in understanding the other person. Lots to chew on this episode! Let's take the first steps together in seeing our Filipino community thrive in the future. Let's Get It Fam!

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