EP.16 - Dealing with Grief featuring Cynthia Siadat, LCSW

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Welcome back to Filipino Fridays – we are back with our special guest, Cynthia Siadat. So many of you enjoyed our mental health episode and we invited our favorite therapist to discuss the topic of grief. When you heard the news about Angelo Quinto or even the Anti-Asian hate crimes happening today, how did you feel? What went through your mind? How did you react? Some of us may have experienced a moment of grief, deeply saddened about the things that are happening to our community. We hope to provide some comfort and understanding regarding what happens when we experience grief. We go through the different stages of grief and into the science of grief, learning what happens to our brain when hit with that experience.

Cynthia Siadat, LCSW (CA #76525) is a Proud Fil-Am trauma psychotherapist for high achievers and caregivers. She shares about mental health & her own mental health process as a speaker and writer. She runs her private practice Living Fully Therapy in Los Angeles and is currently working on Kapwa Therapy (title pending) — a therapeutic approach that encapsulates the Filipinx/a/o Spirit & Values alongside a CBT, existential, & trauma-informed lens.

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