EP.17 - Elevating the Filipino featuring Paul Bacera (The Asian Theory)

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We're back with another fun episode y'all! Our special guest is Paul Bacera who released his new book, Isdaman: The Little Filipino Hero. He is also behind the hit YouTube channel, The Asian Theory. We talk to Paul about how he breaks down the concepts in explaining the Filipino culture on his channel by asking poignant questions and why it is important to understand the historical context of our culture. We even discuss the Filipino's love for Korean entertainment (KPop, KDramas), PPop or Pinoy-Pop and go into a deep dive about Pinoy Baiting - the problematic issue of foreigners exploiting Filipino culture for the purpose of content or entertainment. The Pinoy thirst for global validation is real and we nail down how to identity whether someone is genuine in sharing the Filipino culture. The episode closes with an empowering message about how critical it is to learn and understand each other, and by having love for each other, we are closer to becoming united as a global Filipino community.

Paul Bacera is a Youtube creator, filmmaker, actor, and author. He has always had a love for Asian culture, history and entertainment. His Youtube channel, The Asian Theory, is a celebration of all those values. His love of Filipino culture also led him to write his newest children's book, Isdaman: The Little Filipino Hero. The book is about a Filipino superhero who overcomes his trials by working hard and never giving up.

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