Thor: Love, Thunder, Butcher, Frank, and Peter - Fireside Chats Issue 647

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Welcome back Fireside Family and wow… do we have a doozy for you. This issue really got away from us. The plan was to spend a little time catching up on those comic-related current events before we spend the remainder of the issue reviewing Thor: Love and Thunder. We definitely did that. No question. 2 hours worth of that. Join Mendte, Maurer, Mashko, and Features as they talk about The Boys Finale, Andrew Garfield Spider-Man rumors, Marvel at SDCC, the Punisher, and more. Then Maurer dips and the rest of the gang loses all track of time and thoroughly breakdown Thor's latest big-screen outing. *SPOILER ALERT* How does it fit into the MCU? How did the tone shape the movie? We’re the Guardians, Jane, and Gorr done justice? What does this movie tell us about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? On Friday we will release just the review, so get to the theaters if you haven’t already as this is a spoiler-heavy review. Welcome to Fireside.

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