48.3 Holiday Haunts: "The Donation Center"

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Workers at a charity shop scheme to cherry-pick the best donated items for themselves.
"The Donation Center" is one of our Holiday Haunts we unearthed from our vault of previously unreleased episodes. It was recorded live in NYC on 11/17/19.
We wish all of our listeners a very happy and healthy holiday and new year!
The cast featured in this episode:
James Scully as Pete
Kacie Laforest as Carly
David Linton as Mr. Tillman
Ali Silva as Sheriff Downey
Alain Laforest as Deputy Floyd
James Rieser as Captain Reeves
Eirik Davey-Gislason as Reverend Lowe
James Kleinmann as Councilman Merriman
Audio play written by Silbin Sandovar
Directed by Holly Payne-Strange
“Come Join Our Army” (Salvation Army Song) by William James Pearson
performed by Caitlin McKechney
accompanied by Nico Sleator
Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva
Musical score improvised by Nico Sleator
Sound effects designer & engineer: Greg Russ
Technical director at The Slipper Room: Johnny Goddard
Production Assistant: Evan Sachs
Theme music by Jason Graves
Audio post-production: Ali Silva
Copyright 2020 Fireside Mystery Productions
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