53.2 1918/2020: "Lovesick"

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The tales of two pairs of lovers separated by time and history reveal a haunting parallel.
“Lovesick” is the second installment of our pandemic series, 1918/2020, original audio plays inspired by the past and present.
Cast featured in this episode:
Chris Woolsey as C.W.C. Woolsey
Rebecca Kopec as Elsie
Ali Silva as Jackie
Kacie Laforest as Ashley
Alain Laforest as Kyle
“Lovesick” written by Gabriella Miyares
“PLOGs” written by Lizz Leiser & Chris Woolsey
Directed by Ali Silva with Gustavo Rodriguez
Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva
PLOGs music by Nico Sleator
Production operations: Lizz Leiser
Social media: Kacie Laforest
Production coordinator: Faith Johnson
Theme music by Jason Graves
Audio production & sound design: Ali Silva
Assistant sound design: Ricardo Delgado
Additional music (Artlist):
Yulia Waltz, Alon Peretz
Wieniawski Romance (from Concerto d-minor Op.22), Jascha Heifetz, 1918
Vibrating Visions, Alon Peretz
Cherry Pie Rag, O.P. Baron
Blueberry Smoker, O.P. Baron
Meeting an Old Friend, Borrtex
Drowned Synthesis, Jon Gegelman
Lazy Evening by My Honeybunch, O.P. Baron
Memory and Forgetting, Spearfisher
2020—Instrumental Version, IamDayLight
Zen Flow, Spearfisher
Copyright 2021 Fireside Mystery Productions
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