53.4 1918/2020: "Facing Time"

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A lonely English seaside cottage holds heartbreaking tales of pandemics past and present.
"Facing Time" is the final installment in our pandemic series, 1918/2020, original audio plays inspired by surreal times.
Cast featured in this episode:
Chris Woolsey as C.W.C. Woolsey
Kacie Laforest as Alex
Mary Murphy as Sam
Allison Guinn as Lizzie
Ali Silva as Mary
James Kleinmann as the BBC newsreader
“Facing Time” written by Tim McArthur
“PLOGs” written by Lizz Leiser & Chris Woolsey
Directed by Ali Silva
Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva
Music by Nico Sleator
Production operations: Lizz Leiser
Social media: Kacie Laforest
Production coordinator: Faith Johnson
Theme music by Jason Graves
Audio production & sound design: Ali Silva
Additional music (Artlist):
Still Holding On by Tristan Barton
Copyright 2021 Fireside Mystery Productions
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