The Midnight Reading: "The Voice in the Night"

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The dark of night shrouds the face of a stranger in a lifeboat as he floats a few yards from a couple of becalmed sailors at sea. Across the still waters, he shares his eerie tale in a story by William Hope Hodgson.
The Midnight Reading is a special series of dramatic readings of lost classics from the world of macabre fiction that have inspired our show, Fireside Mystery Theatre. We hope to encourage you, dear listeners, to embrace the joy of books and to build your own collection of dark literature.
Hosted by Ali Silva
"The Voice in The Night” by William Hope Hodgson — read and performed by James Rieser
"Sad Romance" by Ji Pyeongkeyon, Jackson Alexander Parodi
“Sally Brown,” Traditional Sea Shanty
Created and produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva for Fireside Mystery Productions
Written by Silbin Sandovar
Post-production audio by Ali Silva
Theme music by Martina DaSilva
Audio recording engineered by Wayne Silver at The Ice Plant Studio in New York City
Copyright 2020 Fireside Mystery Productions
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