54.3 Yours Truly: "The Archives of H.A.N.D. — The Plague Doctor Debacle"

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An exhausted ER doctor seeks counsel from an undead plague doctor or anyone, really — she’s just so tired.
This is the third installment of "The Archives of H.A.N.D.", a miniseries within our latest collection, Yours Truly.
"The Archives of H.A.N.D. — The Plague Doctor Debacle"
Written by Lizz Leiser, Chris Woolsey & Kacie Laforest
Featured cast:
Michael Pate as H.A.N.D. Agent Kyle Davison
Mary Murphy as the Real Medical Doctor Rachel Stevens
Ali Silva as H.A.N.D. Hold Voice of Hell
Alain Laforest as “Doctor” Giovanni de Palvia
Co-directed by Ali Silva, Lizz Leiser & Kacie Laforest
Intro music composed by Nico Sleator
The Archives of H.A.N.D. music composed by Ari Kessler
Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva
Production operations: Lizz Leiser
Social media: Kacie Laforest
Production coordinator: Faith Johnson
FMT theme music by Jason Graves
Audio production & sound design: Ali Silva
Copyright 2022 Fireside Mystery Productions
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*Disclaimer: Fireside Mystery Theatre is a fiction podcast and does not provide medical advice. No information shared in this episode should be used as a substitute for medical advice. Medical misinformation and disinformation are real problems, and we encourage you to consult CDC.gov and other credible and verified sources.

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